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Fantastic Bike Tests and Incredible Motorcycling Stories

Ride of My Life - Book Front CoverRide of My Life
Frank Melling is the one motorcycling journalist who has every t-shirt in the biking world.

From riding the latest Retro bikes to throwing a leg over the legendary eight cylinder Moto Guzzi GP racer or being there the day the gates were closed at BSA, Melling has always had a knack of being at the very centre of the action.

Now he’s telling those tales – and many more – in 17 beautifully illustrated chapters running to 132, A4 pages.

It’s a publication you just won’t want to put down.


Stories from a Freelance Motorcycling Journalist

penguin-front-cover-articleA Penguin in a Sparrow’s Nest
Frank Melling’s first book in the Penguin Chronicles series is far more than a story about motorcycling and journalism…

More Stories of a Freelance Motorcycling Journalist

The Flying Penguin - Book Front CoverThe Flying Penguin
The second part of Frank Melling’s autobiography, covering the period from 1985 until today – and it’s just as giant a white knuckle, roller coaster ride as the best-selling first book in the series.

Sun, Sea, Superyachts and Boiled Blue Knickers

Hostie – All at Sea in the Ionian
Frank Melling’s entertaining and affectionate account of Rachel Lamb’s voyage of discovery working as a Hostess with a small sailing company in Greece…