Ride of My Life

Fantastic Bike Tests and Incredible Motorcycling Stories

The Ride of My Life - Book Front Cover

Frank Melling is motorcycling’s best story teller. In “Ride of My Life” he takes on you on a unique tour of his very own version of the motorcycling multiverse which is, turn and about, highly informed, provocative and insightful but with an honesty and sense of fun which is hilarious.

There’s the story of the incredible eight cylinder Moto Guzzi GP racer – and clearly Frank has actually ridden it – alongside the Honda DN 01 a bike so bad that even its manufacturer couldn’t find anything good to say about it. Not for nothing was this called the Do Not Own 1 motorcycle!

From the 1907 TT winning Norton to the current Triumph Thruxton R Bonneville, Melling will take you right with him to ride these bikes.

Frank will also tell you what it’s like to ride a speedway bike flat out through a busy factory for the entertainment of the female staff and how to slipstream a works Yamaha rider at 2mph in the world’s most dangerous motorcycle race.

What makes all stories unique is Melling’s highly individual style. Laugh out loud with Frank, shout in disagreement or cheer because he’s got the assessment right again.

But, more than anything, you’ll be right alongside Frank on “Ride of My Life.”

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